What You Need To Know About Motorcycle Key Replacement

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What You Need To Know About Motorcycle Key Replacement

Do you have basic old-fashioned keys that can’t perform optimally or withstand the manipulations of experienced thieves? Perhaps your motorcycle keys are lost or damaged and you want a replacement? Whatsoever is the case, don’t worry because there are various options for motorcycle key replacement and we will cover them in this article.
However, if you need emergency attention for your motorcycle key and security system, call the experts from Mark The Locksmith. We will arrive at your location to cut, replace or install new keys.

Determine the type of Motorcycle Key Replacement You Need?

Different types of keys are installed in motorcycles by the manufacturers. That is why before considering motorcycle key replacement, you need to understand the type of key system on your bike. Below are the popular ones.

  • The Padlock Key
  • Traditionally or standard motorcycle Key
  • Transponder and Key Fob

Available Options for Motorcycle Key Replacement

Basically, there are two main options for motorcycle key replacement. You can take the bike to the dealership or contact the nearest automotive locksmith.
If you consider taking it to the dealership, they can replace all of the locks. But most times, their services are time consuming and expensive as well. On the other hand, using the services of a locksmith for key replacement and other security system-related issues is faster and affordable. You can also purchase a key online and have a locksmith cut it as long as you have a spare motorcycle key.
The last option for the replacement of motorcycle keys is by doing it yourself and probably creating a key that fits the motorcycle. To succeed in this DIY key replacement procedure, you may have to choose from one of these techniques.

The Ignition Cylinder Code Method

The method applies to old motorcycles. It involves accessing the ignition cylinder code. This code can be found at the left side of the cylinder, or the rear seat of the motorcycle. With the ignition cylinder code, you can cut or create a key that can be used in operating the motorcycle.
The other DIY method for motorcycle key replacement is to read the key directly from the ignition lock or by taking one of the locks apart and reading the wafers. However, you need to be technically savvy before you could succeed in creating a perfect key for your motorcycle.

Replace the Ignition Cylinder

If you insist on replacing the motorcycle keys without the help of a locksmith and you can’t find the ignition cylinder code, then you have to replace the whole ignition cylinder. This is a perfect option since a new ignition cylinder comes with a new key. All you have to do is install the new cylinder and keep enjoying your ride.

Get Help from a Qualified Locksmith

The surest way to replacing the key of your beloved bike is to hire a qualified locksmith. The expert will evaluate the security system of your motorcycle and recommend the right key for your bike. At Mark The Locksmith, we will help you to repair, replace or install a new key that will suit your budget.
No matter the location, our mobile locksmith will get to you to deliver the requested service. Give us a call for motorcycle key replacement and be satisfied with our services.