What to Do When Your Smart Key Not Working

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What to Do When Your Smart Key Not Working

Is your smart key acting up? Are you facing issues when trying to unlock your car using the key fob, only to be met with silence?

It is a fact that a malfunctioning key fob can disrupt your entire routine. Maintaining your fob may seem unusual but neglecting it is unacceptable. If there is an emergency, you could be locked out for long.

It can be incredibly frustrating when a smart key fails to perform as expected.

In case you cannot figure out what to do, then call a locksmith in Clearwater. In the meantime, let us explore other available options.

Check the Battery

Your smart key may stop functioning due to a depleted battery. Smart keys use tiny batteries that can run out of charge over time. If your smart key is responding slowly or not at all, start by checking the battery. The battery may need to be replaced. Look up for guidance on how to open your smart key from the manual.

Receiver Damage

Your car's radio receiver might not be picking up the signal from the fob. Try unlocking it by stepping out of the vehicle. If your car still doesn't unlock, the receiver may be damaged. Also, stronger radio frequencies might be interfering with your fob's signal.

Potential sources of interference include cell phones, an in-car Wi-Fi hotspot, and home alarm systems. Temporarily turn off nearby electronics, place the fob against the start button, and see if the engine starts. If it doesn't, the receiver might be the problem.

Clean the Key

Accumulated dirt, debris, or moisture on your smart key's buttons can render them unresponsive. Gently clean the key using a soft, lint-free cloth and a mild cleaning solution. Ensure the key is completely dry before attempting to use it again.

Check for Physical Damage

Thoroughly inspect your smart key for any visible signs of damage such as cracks, dents, or water-related issues. Even a minor crack can disrupt internal components and result in malfunctioning. If you identify damage, consider replacing the key or seeking professional repair, depending on the extent of the issue.

Seek a Professional Locksmith

While a simple battery replacement often restores smart key functionality, this isn't always the solution. In such cases, the wisest move is to contact a professional locksmith like Mark The Locksmith, to assess the situation.

Preventive Steps

To avoid problems with your smart key, ensure you adopt these steps:

  • 1. Regularly Replace Batteries

Change the battery of your smart key often. This practice prevents unexpected malfunctions.

  • 2. Shield from Damage

A protective case shields your smart key. Extreme temperatures are harmful, including moisture. Rough handling should also be avoided.

  • 3. Have Spare Batteries On Hand

Keep spare batteries. They can be kept in your car or at home. But always be prepared if your key's battery dies unexpectedly.


When dealing with smart key problems, remember Mark The Locksmith is here to offer assistance. We've successfully created numerous car keys, and we also carry out car key replacement services.

Regardless of the nature of your smart key problem – whether it's related to the transmitter or a more significant concern with the smart key battery – our locksmiths are more than willing to provide their expertise. Feel free to reach out whenever you require our services.