What is an Electromagnetic Lock?

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What is an Electromagnetic Lock?

It is straightforward, an electromagnetic lock is a locking device designed to function by the principles of electricity and electromagnetism. It is a lock that binds together or locks up when an electrical current is passed through a wire with multiple coils or an armature plate. With the magnetic influx that is fueled by electricity, the door can be closed or opened.

The electromagnetic lock can be used in residential, commercial, or industrial settings. A basic advantage of the magnetic lock is its picking resistance. It is almost impossible picking the electromagnetic lock when power is available.

The Electromagnetic Lock: How Does It Work?

This type of lock relies upon the principles of electromagnetism which is a physical interaction that occurs between electrically charged particles. Practically, the charged particles are the two sides of the armature plate.

A part of the armature plate is attached to the moving part of the door, most times at the top rail. While the other part is fixed at the casing frame. The two plates are continuously charged making them get stocked to each other. The lock has a holding force to keep the door closed as long as there is power.

The reverse process occurs while opening the door. The control of the electromagnetic lock (opening or closing) could be done using a push-button, keypad, or card reader. The role of the control buttons is to enable or temporarily interrupt the electrical currents. Once the current stops getting through the plates, the door opens and can close just by the press of a button. If you need a highly technologically advanced lock, we encourage you to go for the products powered by electromagnetism.

Pros of the Electromagnetic Lock

The electromagnetic lock comes with benefits:

  • More Reliable and Sturdy

When compared with conventional locks, magnetic locks are more reliable and sturdy. They have more resistance to multiple blows.

  • Impossible to Pick

Beating the holding abilities of magnetic locks can be very difficult. You have to apply a higher force than the strike plates to reduce the magnet lock's holding or breaking any of its moving parts.

  • Easy to Install and Operate

The magnetic lock can be operated remotely. The user can open or close the locks by turning on or off the power source. Magnetic locks do not have interconnecting parts therefore their installation is easier.


The lock solely depends on a power source to operate. In buildings without emergency evacuation plans, it is possible to record more casualties. Requires the installation of more hardware to get energized during power outages or emergencies.

Get the Services of an Expert for Electromagnetic Lock Installation

Though installing an electromagnetic lock is easy, you need the expertise of a professional locksmith. No doubt, the lock performs well when compared with the conventional locks, but it sure has safety issues. If you consider installing an electromagnetic lock in your building, call the experts from Mark The Locksmith. We have experienced lock installation experts that will install magnetic locks with additional batteries during power outages or emergencies.