Ways to Unlock a Door Without a Key

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Ways to Unlock a Door Without a Key

Some lock emergencies could make you go the DIY route while trying to regain access to your home or office. Such situations include:

  • Accidental home lockouts or misplaced keys
  • Offering help to a homeowner or colleague
  • Emergency lock damage or malfunction

However, you should know that manipulating the security system is unethical and punishable under the law. Only genuine homeowners or tenants must use the methods in this article. Moreover, Mark the Locksmith is available to over key replacement services if you have a problem with your locks. Here are proven methods to regain access without damaging the lock, or property, or sustaining injuries.

Use Your Credit or Debit Card

Using a credit or plastic card is only applicable to some types of spring latch locks. This method will not work on deadbolts, high-security door locks, and electronic locks. Literally, the process is simple - get your debit or credit card, then insert it between the latch and the door frame. Bend the card back towards the door handle to force the latch open. Try multiple times but open the lock gently to avoid damages.

Use a Thin Piece of Metal

Also not for all types of locks, but you can use a shim or any piece of metal to manipulate the locking mechanisms of simple spring locks.

Insert the piece of metal between the locking mechanism and the shackle of the lock and push it down until the shackle is released. Usually, this is not a straightforward process as it requires being patient and attentive to details. You may try numerous times for this method to work.

Pick the Lock with a Tension Wrench

This method requires some skill and practice, but it is one of the most common ways to pick a lock. To use this method, insert a tension wrench into the lock and apply slight tension to the wrench in the direction you would turn the key. Apply pocking techniques to manipulate the pins inside the lock until they are set into place and the lock opens.

Use the Bump Key Method

Locksmiths use a bump key as a fast way of opening some locks. The bump key operates like a master key in some situations. If you’ve been locked out in the past, you may be surprised to notice how a locksmith opened your door! Perhaps the expert used a bump key. Bump keys work by inserting in the keyway and applying force in a way that causes the pins to jump, allowing the lock to be turned. However, there are exceptions to the keys you can manipulate with bump keys and they are often considered illegal and can cause damage to the lock.

Call an Expert for Lockout Service

Practically, this is the best option for anyone desiring to regain access to their homes or offices. Reputable companies like Mark the Locksmith will send a mobile locksmith to your location once we receive your distress call. Our skilled locksmiths are trained. We have the equipment to open your lock without causing damage to the lock or the surrounding property.

If you desperately want to regain access to your home or office, you can try any of the above tips. But to save time and receive top-quality services, it is better you rely on the services of a locksmith when you have a lock emergency.