Tips for Keeping Your Car Secure

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Tips for Keeping Your Car Secure

Economic instabilities have contributed to the increase in car theft and vandalism. According to a 2020 statistics and report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a vehicle is stolen almost every minute. However, the report also stated that authorities recovered 50 percent of the stolen cars. It is paramount you go the extra mile to ensure the security of your car. Remember, the car is useful for your daily activities – from taking your kids to school, going to work, and attending social gatherings.

So what are the steps to ensuring you do not become a victim?

Here are useful tips provided by the experts from Mark The Locksmith. Read on to find out more.

Install Alarm and GPS Systems

Most modern cars are pre-equipped with alarm systems by the manufacturers. But you can go a step further to install an upgraded version that will be more effective. Also, we recommend you invest in a GPS tracking system. Most of the products are market-friendly and they are a smart way of keeping your car and other valuables safe.

The alarm system serves as a great deterrent to auto vandalism and theft. While the GPS systems help in tracking the vehicle. If you are not comfortable with the pre-installed alarm in your car, then get across to us for an upgrade.

Install Anti-Theft Devices

This is especially for porch cars that have a higher tendency to be a target. Buy a steering wheel lock and disable locks for the ignition. Such anti-theft devices help to fortify your cars security so that it will be difficult for a thief to breakthrough.

Devises like steering locks scare thieves and that is why it is highly recommended.

Park Your Car at a Secure Place

Avoid parking your car on the street or at a location without a ticket Barrier or an attendant. Cars parked carelessly are the first target of thieves and vandals. If you must park on the street, ensure the location is illuminated.

Also avoid anything that can provide cover to potential thieves like trees, large vans, or SUVs. When you are out in the open, be selective about the place to park your car. If you cannot find any suitable space, search for paid parking around the neighborhood. It is better to spend small amount than allowing criminals to have easy access to your vehicle.

Keep All Valuables Out of Sight

Hide all your valuable or expensive items from public view. Preferably, you could put all items in the boot or hide them elsewhere in the car.

Items like expensive mobile phones, laptops, music players, jewelry, portable devices, left in sight may attract thieves.

Always Turn Off Your Car Key Fob

Recently, there is an advanced method employed by criminals to steal cars with key fob locks. They will first identify your car as a potential target. Then a member of their team would lurk outside your home with their device, trying to pick up the signal from the key fob. This new car theft method is called ‘keyless car theft’ also referred to as ‘relay theft’. If you want to have the peace of mind that no one is using advanced decoding devices on your car, then buy a Faraday Wallet. A device designed to protect your car by blocking the key fob’s radio signal.


You can install a dashcam in your car. It detects and records suspicious movement around your car. For your car or home security upgrades, contact expert locksmiths from Mark The Locksmith.