Things You Should Know About Locksmith Scam

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Things You Should Know About Locksmith Scam

Emergency lockout situations or issues with the ignition makes you furious and need fast locksmith services. Usually, your vulnerabilities are exposed during emergencies because you will be in a hurry to get behind the wheels. In most cases, scammers take advantage of such situations to strike and cash out!

Though the scam in the locksmith industry is multi-faceted, when you have the right information, it will be difficult to become one of their victims. That is why we developed this post to help you outsmart the criminal elements in our society.

However, turn to Mark The Locksmith if you are searching for a reliable and sincere local locksmith. We have a proven track record of satisfied customers. Our experts are committed to ensuring you get top-quality locksmith services without breaking the bank.

Scammers Use Fake Websites to Lure Their Victims

Some sophisticated scammers build functional websites with pictures of storefronts, "customer" testimonials, and all the service descriptions to attract people needing emergency locksmith services. Some of those websites even get ranked on popular search engines. Knowing how to spot red flags is crucial to your identifying these scam websites. Here are some of the things to look out for.

Pay attention to the address bar of the locksmith website. Legitimate websites include the HTTPS://. The S in the address bar stands for ‘secure’ and indicates that the company is serious for business. However, there are legitimate businesses without a website that has a secure encryption sign.

Also, look out for the domain name and age. Though it’s hard to check these factors during emergency lockout situations. It is better to spend some minutes looking out for such red flags.

Toll-Free Phone Number is a Red Flag!

Be careful while dealing with a locksmith company using an 800 number instead of a local phone number. Scammers are masquerading with the 800-numbers in a bid to steal your personal information and valuable.

Check for Certification and Proper Identification

Ask for proper identification of the locksmith when he arrives to deliver the service. A legitimate locksmith will also demand your identity to ensure you are the owner of the car or property.

About fifteen states require full credentials of a locksmith including licensing before they operate. If a locksmith license is required in your state, then the locksmith must provide it. Never allow any unlicensed or uncertified locksmith to work on your property. Some of them are imposters that can compromise the security and safety of your home.

Inconsistent Pricing

Those scammers parading as locksmiths can charge ridiculously low prices. In reality, locksmith rates depend on the severity of the problem in addition to overhead costs for mobile locksmiths. A reputable locksmith has to take care of transportation, licensing, tools, and administrative costs. Let the locksmith provide a quote for the job before proceeding. Low price is one of the characteristics of scammers and unqualified locksmiths. So be suspicious of any locksmith quoting low rates.

Fast Drilling

Drilling should be the last option for opening high-security locks. If you are locked out and the locksmith is in a hurry to drill your locks, then you have to stop him. Qualified locksmiths have several techniques to open locks and would not hurry to drill.

Be Smart

Get prepared for emergencies before they occur. We recommend you research locksmith companies in your area and save the contact information of reputable ones.