Things to Do in Augusta

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Things to Do in Augusta

Things to Do in Augusta

Searching for a weekend getaway or a perfect year-round destination for your friends and family members? Then Augusta is the right place to see amazing tourist attractions and enjoy lots of southern hospitality.

Located near the South Carolina border, Augusta oozes Southern charm and provides that pleasant climate, ambiance, elegant tree-lined avenues for weddings, parties, and amenities for hanging out.

Apart from the romantic spots and exciting places to visit, tech-savvy individuals will have a lot to learn since the city is also known as a center for biotechnology and medicine. Let us show you the iconic locations to visit while in Augusta.


Located in Downtown Augusta, Riverwalk is one of the most attractive bodies of water in the south. Whether you want to enjoy the sun during summer or organize a picnic for friends and family, Riverwalk will give you an unforgettable experience.

Access to other fun parked venues is easier through the Riverwalk. You can attend an interesting event - the Candlelight Jazz Series and easily go to 8th Street Bulkhead. You can also stroll under the old shady trees to get to the 9th Street and 10th Street Plazas.

It is a perfect destination for family fun since there is enough space for your kids to play. There is always something amazing that could stimulate your mind at the Riverwalk!

Augusta Museum of History

Though Augusta is a place to see modern buildings and attractions, it hasn’t lost touch with its past. The Augusta Museum of History is a 10,000 square-foot structure that portrays the uniqueness of the city. It hosts the most important historical collections for historians, students, media, and more.

A visit to the museum is an opportunity to see notable permanent exhibitions of the banking and railroad industry. You will visualize how the Transportation Corridor looks like in the past with a 1914 locomotive and the beauty of the 1930's gas station.

Close to the museum is the Augusta Downtown Historic District with buildings of stunning architectural designs. There is a lot to see around the Downtown Historic District to make an excellent time for an enthusiastic traveler.

Augusta Mall

Your visit to Augusta isn't complete without going to one of the largest malls in Georgia - the Augusta Mall. Designed with a central fountain and sophisticated architecture, the Augusta Mall is a top shopping destination for both visitors and residents.

There are many high-end stores to get designer clothes, bags, shoes including Pandora, Apple, Michael Kors, and more. You could spend a day relaxing, shopping, or dining in one of the exotic restaurants.

The Symphony Orchestra Augusta

Get ready to enjoy classics such as Beethoven’s Fifth, Mozart’s Jupiter, and Tchaikovsky’s Fourth at the Symphony Orchestra Augusta.

Founded in 1954 under the baton of Harry Jacobs and then Dr. Donald Portnoy. The orchestra has become a fun spot where residents and visitors can enjoy excellent live music performances from local and international artists. There is a variety of concert series including classics and contemporary songs to thrill you all through the evening.

Forest Hills Golf Club, Augusta

For the lovers of golf and a serene atmosphere, the Forest Hills Golf Club offers an attractive and peaceful outdoor area to play and enjoy some adventurous moments with your loved ones.

Ready to Enjoy Significant Augusta Attractions?

There are many astonishing nature preserves and architectural wonders you will see while visiting. However, before leaving your home for any vacation, you need a locksmith service provider to evaluate your security system. Mark The Locksmith is ready to render excellent locksmith services to ensure your valuables are safe.