Schlage vs. Kwikset

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Schlage vs. Kwikset

Schlage or Kwikset? These two renowned lock brands are favored by countless homeowners. Both Schlage and Kwikset brag well-established legacies, spearheading the home security industry for a long time. Their commitment to innovation has resulted in numerous top-notch products, safeguarding homes and livelihoods.

Perusing Schlage and Kwikset lock reviews reveals a wealth of positive feedback, complicating the decision-making process. In your quest, a locksmith's expertise can prove invaluable in selecting the ideal lock for your door.

Thus, how about we address the focal inquiry: In the Schlage versus Kwikset banter, does Schlage hold the edge over Kwikset? We should figure it out.

Drill Resistance

While you might not consider this aspect of your lock important because it primarily adds an aesthetic touch, the drill plate plays a crucial role in your lock's security. A drill-resistant plate is essential to reduce the risk of a break-in. It serves as a barrier to deter unwanted intruders from gaining access. Schlage locks boast a 100% drill-resistant plate, while Kwikset locks lack this protective feature, making Schlage the clear winner in this regard.

Bolt Size

Bolts are integral components of any lockset, providing the strength needed to secure a door when locked. In the case of Schlage locks, their bolts are notably larger and sturdier compared to most Kwikset locks. This size and strength ensure that Schlage locks effectively prevent any attempts to jiggle, pry open, or force entry. Schlage emerges as the superior choice in this aspect.

Security Pins

When discussing security pins, envision a deadbolt. The level of security a lock provides is directly related to the effectiveness of its security pins, making it challenging to bypass the lock without the correct code or key. Schlage employs four different security pins in their locks, whereas Kwikset uses only two. This makes Schlage the preferred choice for enhanced security. A skilled locksmith will be able to help out with its installation.

Alarm Option

While a minor distinction, it's worth noting that Schlage offers an advantage in this area. Schlage's smart deadbolts come equipped with an integrated system that alerts you to any tampering. Most Kwikset smart models do not provide this feature to users, making Schlage the clear winner in terms of added security.

Cylinder Tolerance

Experienced burglars sometimes employ non-forced methods to manipulate lock mechanisms. Picking locks is a common technique that involves using small metal tools to manipulate the lock. Schlage locksets offer lower cylinder tolerance and an excellent security pin mechanism, making them resistant to non-forced entry attempts. In contrast, Kwikset locksets have higher cylinder tolerance, making them more vulnerable to such attempts. Choose Schlage for enhanced security against this type of threat.


Which option is superior?

Schlage deadbolts provide a superior security solution compared to the Kwikset brand. The intricate and robust design of Schlage locks effectively deters any attempts at forced entry into your home. While it comes at a slightly higher cost, the investment is well worth the exceptional security it offers. On the other hand, Kwikset offers a more budget-friendly lockset option that still provides decent security for residential use.

Do you need a professional assistance with lock installation? Reach out to Mark The Locksmith. We'll guide you in selecting the perfect lock for your door.