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Mobile Locksmith
Mobile Locksmith

Mark The Locksmith offers trusted mobile locksmith services for customers in Augusta, GA and all nearby towns.

Local Locksmith
Locally Owned

Mark The Locksmith is locally owned & operated locksmith services company location in Augusta, GA.

Emergency Locksmith
Emergency Locksmith

We offer 24-Hour emergency residential, automotive & commercial locksmith services in the area.


Lexy Hawkins

Mark The Locksmith has fast and reliable service. The locksmith technician came out and worked on unlocking my car within…

Lisa Whitehead

My girls had locked the car and we were at QT with no phone so someone googled and this locksmith…

Safe Unlocking

Safe Unlocking in Augusta

That security safe is supposed to keep intruders out, not you! Unfortunately, it is common for owners of security safes to lose their keys or forget their combination. The good news is that Mark the Locksmith is ready to deliver quick and reliable safe unlocking in Augusta. Do not stress for another minute. Call Mark the Locksmith to consult with one of our courteous professionals. Be sure to have your security safe details on hand. Our professional might need to know the type and description of the safe so that we can send a fully equipped locksmith to your location as soon as possible. Call Mark the Locksmith to arrange a safe opening in Augusta now.

Unlocking the Safe Yourself

With so much information available on the internet, some safe owners take it upon themselves to read through an online tutorial and try to open the safe on their own. The choice is ultimately yours, but we feel a responsibility to let you know of the potential consequences. A safe unlocking is not an easy task. At best, it will consume a lot of your valuable time. At worst, you may damage the safe to the point where destroying the safe is the only option left. If you prefer to save your time for more productive tasks and reduce the risk of damaging your security safe, then consider a professional safe opening. The qualified locksmiths at Mark the Locksmith are equipped and ready to help.

Professional Safe Unlocking

There is no knowing when you will need to grab something out of your security safe. Many people keep important documents such as birth certificates and passports in their safe, and it can be awfully stressful when you are locked out of the safe. It is going to take a lot of time researching and performing a safe opening on your own. Worse, not all locksmiths offer professional safe unlocking in Augusta. Those that do might not be available around the clock.
When you need professional safe unlocking, you can put your faith in Mark the Locksmith to have you covered. Call Mark the Locksmith now to get in touch with a live representative and request urgent assistance. Our mobile locksmith can be dispatched within the hour and be at your location as soon as possible!

How Much Does It Cost?

There are so many different types of security safes on the market with varying levels of sophisticated technology. We cannot give you a definitive price right here, but we can offer a free price estimate over the phone if we can determine the amount of work necessary. Call Mark the Locksmith to consult with a professional and be sure to have your security safe description and information on hand.

Emergency Service Available

You might need something from your security safe at any time. For example, you might have an international flight departing today and need the passport that is in the security safe. There is no time to wait overnight or through a weekend. Luckily, Mark the Locksmith is available around the clock!