Reasons to Getting Keyless Entry Locks Installed

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Reasons to Getting Keyless Entry Locks Installed

If you consider upgrading the security of your home, installing a keypad lock will give you peace of mind. It is a permanent solution for those who frequently lose their home or office keys. After the installation, keyless entry systems give better control of your home security. Instead of giving out your spare key to contractors, pet sitters, or friends, you can provide temporary access to them.

However, you’d like to know how keypad locks work, the benefits, and the level of security to expect. Read on to find out why a keyless entry lock is a worthwhile investment.

How Keypad Entry Systems Work

Keyless entry locks are designed to grant entry to a facility without the physical keys. To unlock the door, a user needs to input a code via a numerical pad or scan an access card. If the user enters a wrong code, the door lock or deadbolt will not release. The keyless system sits outside the door frame and most of the designs require batteries to function.

Typically, the installation is not complex as you can get most of the instructions from the user guild. Nevertheless, it is not a bad idea to call a reliable locksmiths from Mark The Locksmith for professional installation and expert recommendations.

Benefits of the Keyless Locks

  • Convenience

The most outstanding benefit of using a keypad lock is the convenience it provides. You don’t have to fumble an over-stuffed purse in search of keys. Or worry about stolen, misplaced, or compromised keys. Rather than giving service providers, friends and family members your spare key, you can conveniently provide codes for temporary access.

  • Have Control of Your Security

Modern and advanced keyless locks provide limited access and log data of users. This is a great feature for business owners who needs to keep track of their employees and other activities in the office.

  • Enhanced Security

Keyless entry locks offer innovative features that increase the security of your home or office. Criminals cannot bump or pick them because the locks are not designed with cylinder mechanisms. When trying to manipulate keypad locks, the burglar has limited options – he needs to break the key or decode the pin code. Nevertheless, changing the pin code is at your discretion. You can do so if you suspect any compromise.

  • No Need for Rekeying

With keyless entry locks, you don’t have to spend money rekeying locks. Instead, you will save time and money in addition to enjoying extra protection by changing your pin code frequently.

  • Beautifies your Front Door

Recent keyless door locks have different hardware design that adds beauty to nearly every door. Also, some brands come with a sleek design with a touchscreen keypad to showcase your class to guests.

  • Wrapping up

Frankly, technology is rapidly thriving and you need to flow with the momentum when it comes to the security of your home or office. Your home or office needs a keyless door lock because having to keep track of keys can be frustrating. On a serious note, don’t lose the manual or user guide if you have installed a keyless door lock in your home. But if you’re having issues with your locks, call the experts from Mark The Locksmith for dependable locksmiths in Grovetown, GA.