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Mobile Locksmith

Mark The Locksmith offers trusted mobile locksmith services for customers in Augusta, GA and all nearby towns.

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Mark The Locksmith is locally owned & operated locksmith services company location in Augusta, GA.

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Emergency Locksmith

We offer 24-Hour emergency residential, automotive & commercial locksmith services in the area.


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Ignition Replacement

Ignition Replacement in Augusta

There are many reasons why your car might not be starting. You might have a dead battery, a bad alternator, or a defective ignition switch. A faulty ignition switch can result in several issues from all of the lights flickering or going off and the radio not working to your car stalling. Playing with and wiggling the key from side to side might solve the issue temporarily, but if you want a true fix, then you want to go with an ignition replacement. Anyone looking for an ignition replacement in Augusta can call Mark the Locksmith for quick, reliable, and affordable assistance. Our mobile locksmiths are located throughout the city and are just one call away. Let’s get started!

About the Ignition Switch

Understanding the ignition switch and its role can help you recognize when it is probably time for an ignition repair or replacement. The ignition switch can be thought of as the starting point of the ignition system. Its name is actually self-descriptive. The ignition switch is a “switch” that “ignites” the fuel to start the vehicle’s engine. It is also the switch that is responsible for sending voltage to your vehicle’s electrical accessories such as the lights, radio, time, air conditioner, and more. So, if the ignition switch is faulty, then you are going to have a difficult time getting the car to start.

Symptoms of A Defective Ignition Switch

You now know what the ignition switch is responsible for doing, but how do you know when it is defective? As we mentioned earlier, there are many reasons why a car might not start so you are going to have to pinpoint the issue down to the ignition switch. Here are some signs that the ignition switch is faulty:

  • Car Won’t Start: This one is the most general symptom of a defective ignition switch, but maybe too general.
  • Key Won’t Turn: The key should easily turn in the ignition. If not, try jiggling the steering wheel as you turn the key to make sure the issue is not the steering lock.
  • No Noise: If you hear nothing when you turn the key, then chances are you have an ignition switch problem. A bad start motor, for example, will produce a clicking sound when the key is turned.
  • Car Stalling: This symptom can be catastrophic and is why you should arrange an ignition replacement or ignition repair in Augusta as soon as possible. A faulty ignition switch can cause your car to stall while idling or traveling down the road!

Mark the Locksmith Can Help Any Time

Have you been scrolling through web results looking for a reliable locksmith? Skip the web searches for “ignition replacement near me” when you need an ignition replacement in Augusta. Instead, grab the phone and call Mark the Locksmith. Our live representatives, courteous professionals, and qualified locksmiths are available 24 hours of the day and 365 days of the year. We are ready to take your call and arrange an emergency dispatch now.