How to Repair a Car Door That Won’t Close Properly

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How to Repair a Car Door That Won’t Close Properly

Ever been in a situation where your car refused to close or latch? Perhaps you serviced the engine but the doors won’t close while the car keep beeping when you drive! Don’t worry, you are not alone. In this article, we will give you reasons your car refused to shut down and show you how to fix it. Let’s get into business.

Reasons your car door won’t close

Stuck Latch Jaw

Most times, the reason for your car door not closing is because the latch jaw is stuck in a closed position. This could happen at the front or back door. You cannot be driving long distances with an open door. It is quite risky and could cause an accident on the highway.

Malfunctioning Jaw

Misalignment or loosened nuts could make the jaw not stay in a latched position. If this happens, your door will refuse to close. Identifying the particular issue will help get a fast solution to this problem.

Door Sensor Issues

Your door may stop closing because of sensor issues. This is mostly for recent automobile models. The car fob batteries may be the problem or it may be the fault of an inexperienced technician.

Quick Fixes for a Car Lock Not Closing

It is better to have a professional check to find out the problem. Your car door not closing could be a system fault. However, if you decide to do it yourself, here are practical tips that could help.

Examine Other Locks

You may want to close the door forcefully, but that is not the solution. Forcing the door to close could damage the latching mechanism. The first step is to ensure you are dealing with only a door. You don’t have to work on a singular door when it is a system problem. Assuming it is a single door, jump to the next step.

Check and fix the Latch

The latch must be in an open position. If this is not the case, then there is a problem with the locking mechanism. To solve this problem, get a screwdriver, and shift the jaw until it falls into the right position. Try pulling the door lever, and check if the jaw snapped into the open position.

Replace the Battery

Newer cars have an auto locking system. Sometimes, the battery may be the problem when the doors refuse to close. Check the battery head to know if they are fixed correctly. If everything is right, maybe the battery is weak and should be changed.

Electrical Fault

Blown fuses may also be a problem with auto-locking cars. Perhaps it could be sensor issues. Try changing the batteries of your key fob. Usually, electrical or sensor issues should be handled by a professional.


Try closing and re-opening your door more than once to know if everything is working correctly. In case the problem isn’t resolved after following the above steps, consider calling a skilled locksmith.

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