How Door Locks Work?

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How Door Locks Work?

Do you want to go the DIY route by learning how to undertake simple problems on your own? It is always good to know how things work around your home or office. This also includes door locks, alarm systems, push bars, and the entire home security.

In this article, we will let you know the working mechanism of door locks so you can fix simple defects before calling a professional.

However, if your door lock, knob, or handle is becoming problematic, contact experienced locksmiths at Mark The Locksmith for help.

Parts of a Door Lock:

  • Bolt
  • Strike Plate
  • Cylinder
  • Spindle
  • Spring
  • Keyway and Rotor
  • Cotter Pin
  • Doorknob or handle

The Lock and Unlocking Mechanism

Familiarizing yourself with the door locking mechanisms will help you repair or install door locks. The locking procedure goes thus:

When you insert the right key, the uneven edge aligns with the pins and cylinder. Most locks are designed to lock when the key is turned clockwise. Then the cylinder will pull a series of spring-loaded pins that move the deadbolt inside the strike plate. The deadbolt stays intact and unmovable – the lock stays in a closed position.


Opening or unlocking is the reverse of the previously described locking process. You must use the right key, and insert it through the keyway. The key aligns with the pins, turns the cylinder, and opens the lock.

Remember that the wrong key can never open the lock because it will not align with the pins and wouldn’t control the cylinder. Other types of door locks are available. This includes:

The Combination Lock

The combination locks are designed not to use keys. To unlock you must input a sequence of symbols or numbers. The combinational padlocks come with a single rotating dial while residential and commercial combinational locks can be operated through an electronic or mechanical keypad.

This type of lock opens once you turn the single rotating dial into the proper position.

The Power Door Lock

Usually installed in cars and trunks. It works similarly to the cylinder locks. However, after inserting the car keys and turning the cylinder, the actuator will connect the car door handle to open the door. Without the right key, you cannot have access to the car.    

Time to Upgrade your Door Locks?

Are you still using traditional locks to access your home or office? We think it is the right time for you to replace or upgrade the locks.

Our experts will help you install deadbolts, keypads, and electronic or smart locks. It all depends on your preference and budget. A more durable lock will help increase security around your home or office. Give peace of mind to your visitors, employees, and customers.

Therefore, if you need a door lock installation, rekeying, replacement or upgrade, we will send a qualified locksmith to you. At Mark The Locksmith, our staff and trusted locksmiths are on the front line for your homes and businesses. We will never leave you stranded if you have a lock emergency. Give us a call today.