How Door Locks Are Tested

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How Door Locks Are Tested

Though burglars break-in by picking or duplicating the keys, a vast majority use brute force to get into people’s homes. For this reason, every home or business owner considering a lock upgrade should, first of all, understand the lock characteristics. Security, pick resistance, and durability in terms of resisting brutal force are some of the factors a potential buyer should consider. Although aesthetic features of the lock are also important, it should be a secondary consideration.

To ensure locks deliver on all expectations by buyers, regulatory agencies like The American National Standards Institute, its equivalent National Standard of Canada, and the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association had conducted tests to evaluate all the locks in the market. Such tests and evaluations also reduce deceptive tendencies by some manufacturers. Therefore, the first step to knowing the features and characteristics of a lock is to understand the grading modalities by the above-mentioned regulatory bodies.

The ANSI Lock Grading

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) grade system was developed to set up a standard testing procedure and to separate locks based on strength, durability, and other factors. It provides the right information to consumers about the quality of the lock they intend to purchase.

The system is denoted of three lock grades.

The Grade 1 locks are those with high-security features intended for commercial facilities. Business places like schools, gyms, daycare facilities, shopping centers, banks, industrial complexes, warehouses, and recreational facilities use these locks for security. They are made with extra-tough alloys and reinforced strike plates. However, residential complexes are not restricted from using these locks on their front doors.

Grade 2 Locks

This is the next in line when it comes to ANSI grading system. Their durability and strength of materials are lower than the Grade 1 locks but should not be used for commercial facilities. They are known to handle 400,000 cycles, 4 door strikes, and a 250-pound weight test.

Grade 3 Locks

The grade 3 deadbolts are designed for residential properties but they are the least secure when compared with others. Grade 3 locks were based on a 150-pound weight test, 200,000 lock cycles and just 2 door strikes. Because of the increasing burglaries, we do not recommend homeowners to use such locks. It is good practice to upgrade your locks to grades 2 or 3 to enjoy adequate security.

Other Door Lock Test Methods

Apart from the official ANSI grading, consumer reports use the next dependable lock set methods to determine the durability of locks. Those independent consumer organizations test locks based on force impact and resistivity, deadbolt torque, bold durability, and tension loading. Apart from the traditional locks, the consumer organizations also test exit devices, closers, latches, hinges, and others.

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