How Does a Master Key Work?

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How Does a Master Key Work?

Keying and security requirements should be a major concern of business owners. You need to formulate policies and invest in both mechanical and digital systems to ensure that your employees, goods, and facilities are adequately secured. 

This is where master keying come in. A system that gives you total control over your security. It is also an effective and more secure way for landlords, property managers, and business owners to access their property.

Here we defined the master key system, explained how it works, and ways everyone could benefit from this unique technology.

What is a Master Key System?

It is a key configuration that allows a single key to open pre-defined doors for each organization. It comes with numerous benefits as it allows for better key control, saves cost, and enhances the security of a residential or commercial facility.

Put simply, the master key system allows the person in charge to have unlimited access to every part of the building. Depending on the security policy of the company, the security staff and management personnel could also have access to the master key.

Imagine having a different key for every door in a massive facility. When there are issues with the front door keys, access to the building will be hindered. It could expose the vulnerability of your business security and put everyone at risk. Because traditional keys can easily be duplicated when it gets into the wrong hands.

For this reason, we recommend businesses to switch to a master key system to increase security and improve efficiency.

Master Key Levels

Originally, master keys are designed to open all doors in a designated building or premises. However, with time, key manufacturers added different levels of master key access to their recent upgrades. The master key levels are designed to also limit access to facility managers and officials. For example, an expert can configure a master key for an administrative manager without access to the accounts department. While the master key level for the CEO is different.

The level of your master key depends on the size of your company. It ranges from two and five levels of access. Find below some of the master key designations.

Great Grand Master Key

Typically, the (GGMK) Great Grand Master Key is designated for CEOs or top management in any company. They are the highest level of master key that gives the top management access to all branches, offices, and stores of an organization. They are not restricted by locks beneath the level. And usually, it is provided to a few officials in the organization.

Grand Master Key

A lower level key than the GGMK. Top managers can use it to access almost all the buildings but are limited to certain areas. It is above the popular master key and only given to a few people in an organization.

Master Key

This is the popular type used by small and medium-scale businesses. Landlords and building managers also use it to access parts of the building during an emergency. A master key (MK) can open all locks in the building excluding those configured for the Grand and Great Grand master keys. You can check out the description of all the master keys above and choose the one that will fit your need.

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