How Do You Rekey a Door Lock?

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How Do You Rekey a Door Lock?

Are you a home or business owner weighing the pros and cons of changing or rekeying your locks? Perhaps you are tired of the space your bundle of keys occupy and would like to get a single key that can open all the doors. That way, you can reduce the time spent searching for the correct keys to your house or office.

The above scenario and more are reasons to rekey your locks. It is an easy and affordable way for taking control of your security. Here are more reasons you should consider lock rekeying and how to do it correctly.

New Tenant

Moving into a new apartment is usually interesting. You’d meet new people and probably make new friends. However, it is possible your keys are floating around. The previous tenant may have shared the keys with his close friends and family members. Baby sitters and maintenance technicians may also have copies.

Rekeying will always come to the rescue when you are faced with such issues. You don’t have to remove the old locking door hardware. Rather, you will only change the internal mechanism or pins of your lock to disable access to people with the old keys. Rekeying is much preferable, faster, and often a cheaper solution for new tenants that will like to fortify the security of their homes.

Lost a Copy of Your Key

Most people have lost their keys in the past. It might not matter since the spare key is available. On second thought, someone can find the key and use it to get access to your home.

To always keep your security intact, rekey your locks immediately after lose your keys. Consult the professionals at Mark The Locksmith for help.

Strained Relationship

If you are always changing employees, then you should depend on frequent lock rekeying to keep your security under control. Lovebirds or married couples who separated recently should also consider rekeying their locks. Your ex-lover will no longer have access to your apartment or an advantage over your security.

Now you have learned the reasons to rekey your locks, here are the DIY procedure for lock rekeying.

Step 1: Remove the Doorknob

To successfully rekey your locks, you will need some of these tools:

  • Screwdriver
  • Pinning Kit
  • Clip Removal Tool
  • Lock Cylinder Shims

The first step to rekeying your locks is to remove the doorknob from the door. You will have to align the holes in the cylinder and use the screwdriver to unscrew the nuts. Then remove it from the shank.

Step 2: Remove the Cylinder and the C-Clip

You will use the pinning kit and the clip removal tool to get rid of the old cylinder. Once you are done with the cylinder, you remove the C-clip.

Step 3: Attach the Key Plug and Pins

This process could be quick with the right tools. After which, insert new pins as indicated with the kit’s instructions and also replace the plug.

Last Step: Attach the Knob

Replace the cylinder with the knob and screw it back to the door. Test to see if everything is working correctly.

Contact an Expert for Lock Rekeying

Though the process seems easy from our description, lock rekeying can be tricky. It is better to rely on a locksmith if you want to rekey your residential or commercial locks.

Contact Mark The Locksmith for all your rekeying needs and we will send an experienced locksmith to your location.