Home Security Trends in 2022

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Home Security Trends in 2022

Technology is fast taking over in all sectors and home security systems are not left out! However, we anticipate that homeowners will focus on continuous monitoring and increased security in the coming year. Now, homeowners are more concerned about their safety, and how to control the spread of Covid-19 in their premises. Homeowners also need to track the activities of occupants as well as ensure there are systems to scare criminals.

If you want to make some changes and upgrades to your home security system, here are some of our predictions for the security industry in 2022.

Enhanced Home Security Automation

Some people are already using smart security products, but experts are looking at increased capabilities and functionality. From the palm of your hand, you can do more as in controlling the egress and ingress to your home. You can conveniently communicate with the person at your door and also give temporary access to babysitters, cleaners, or technicians.

There will be more customization of remote access and building control systems. The focus would be to enhance the convenience features to allow users to do more while relaxing on the couch.

Eradication of Operational Vulnerabilities

Developers will go the extra mile to improve the vulnerabilities pointed out by product testers and evaluators in the coming year. As smart security systems evolve, cybercriminals are working relentlessly to take advantage of the flaws. Therefore, developers will install advanced firewalls and IoT sensors to ensure the safety of users.

We also expect the integration of more IoT innovations into future versions of smart home security systems.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) for Improved Security

The utilization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be prominent in the designs of the new era home smart security systems. The central monitoring stations will be smarter in detecting false alarms. Additionally, AI will be embedded to improve voice assistance and speed up information processing and transmission to emergency responders.

Improved Facial Recognition

The enhancement of cognitive intelligence in smart security systems is long overdue. Voice recognition and command have come to stay. So home security system developers and programmers will focus more on improving facial recognition.

By 2022 and beyond, facial recognition features may replace fingerprints or codes. As you approach the door, the AI feature can unlock your door so you won't raise a finger. The cognitive intelligence feature will ease the stress of people with physical disabilities. It will also alert you when suspicious faces are around your home and premises.

Intelligent CCTV Technology

The CCTV is a critical component of home security systems. The integration of AI with CCTV tech will take home security to next level. If they launch the new technology in 2022, it will minimize human interactions with the system. Actions like sensing emergency alerts to the authorities, panning, and zooming can be done automatically. Advanced features of the CCTV will be effective than that of other gadgets because it monitors activities in your home 247.

Ready to Upgrade the Security System of Your Home?

Imagine the convenience of having your security, lighting, and heating controlled by IoT sensors! Your security system can recognize all the members of your household and will alert you if there are suspicious movements in and around your premises.

Do not hesitate to consult professional locksmiths from Mark The Locksmith if you have issues with your security system. Our locksmiths can install, repair, and upgrade locks and keys at affordable prices.