Home Security Monitoring: What's Next?

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Home Security Monitoring: What's Next?

Though the pandemic was a time of agony and pain throughout the world, it helped parents rediscover the need to stay closer to their families. Homeowners saw the need to keep their homes safe and secure using security monitoring and other smart technologies. Most households today have alarm systems, automatic lighting, and video doorbells as part of their security systems. While luxurious homes use voice assistance and smart home technology to operate most of the physical gadgets.

Additionally, the combination of IoT and AI has boosted advanced security technologies as well as increased their demand over traditional systems.

However, home and business owners are eager to invest in more security technologies to strike a lethal on the activities of burglars and criminals. So what are we expecting in the coming years about smart home security technologies?

Higher Demand for Voice-Controlled Devices

Since everyone is looking for a solution to minimize the spread of germs, with the heightened awareness of convenience, most homeowners will go for touchless devices in the future. We expect that the demand for voice-controlled devices will skyrocket.

A market research report by The Business Research Company (TBRC) indicated that there was a 9.5% increase in demand for voice assistant applications between 2020 and 2021. They also predicted a tremendous growth of 9.7% to 122.7 million users by 2023. Such forecasts show that in the future, there will be at least one connected smart home device installed in most homes.

Encrypted Network Security

As the addition of smart home security is increasing, experts are predicting that the network will become more porous and can be easily compromised by criminals. That means hackers can interfere and also manipulate the commands or messages sent between various devices in your home.

To this effect, informed consumers expect to see advanced technologies using encryption to code all commands and messages between different smart home devices.

Need for Enhanced Video Surveillance

No doubt, surveillance systems have improved overall security procedures in homes and commercial buildings. As consumers are eager to invest in improved security systems, we expect developers to take video surveillance to the next level!

Apart from deterring criminals, video surveillance systems make investigations very easy. Let there be improved vocal points of cameras installed on the front door of homes. The cameras should interact with the alarm systems, the locks, and other smart security features in the house. Consumers are expecting developers and security companies to improve their services in this regard.

Multifunctional Products

The market is highly competitive thereby enabling highly functional products to have an edge over others. Homeowners or consumers are looking for products that can multi-task. They want products that can secure their properties as well as provide other add-ons. Also, easy installation and integration features are additional factors consumers will consider while shopping for security products. They will most likely go for products that can be integrated with doors, lighting systems, alarms, and surveillance systems.


The demand for advanced home security systems will continue to point northward. If you are yet to install any smart device in your home, you are missing a lot! Feel free to call the expert locksmiths at Mark The Locksmith to recommend products that will fit your needs.