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Home Burglary Facts

Imagine coming back from a vacation to see your locks broken and your front door open. At that point, you become devastated knowing that your house have been burglarized! Sometimes, you may lose valuables that are deeply sentimental and irreplaceable.

If you've never had such experience, it will be difficult to understand the negative impact burglaries could have on victims. However, this article will give you facts about past burglary incidents and the right steps to ensure your protection.

Difference Between Burglary and Robbery

From the FBI's perspective, burglary is defined as the use of force to gain entry into a property, premises, or space. It is unlawful entry into a structure to commit a felony or theft.

They classified burglary into three:

  1. Forcible entry
  2. Unlawful entry. Gaining access without force. Maybe by key duplication or collaboration.
  3. Attempted entry

While robbery is the process of snatching or taking anything of value from the original owner by force, the threat of force or violence. But our focus is on showcasing facts about burglaries to enable home and business owners to put on preventive measures.

A Burglary Happens Once Every 30 Seconds.

According to FBI statistics, on average, a home is burglarized every 30 seconds. That translates to over 3,000 burglaries per day! This is an alarming statistic by all ramifications and should raise concern for every business and homeowner.

Homeowners Lose Approximately $2,661 from Each Burglary Attack

That is a big chunk from anyone’s paycheck. What about the damage a burglary attack could have on your emotions and self-confidence? You might start feeling that your home is no longer a haven after it is burglarized. Most times, homeowners become confused about the safety of their belongings. Call the police immediately if you notice a burglary attack. Next, consider upgrading your security system.

More Homes are Attacked During the Summer

Burglaries are on the increase during the summer months. From the months of June to August, there are always more burglary reports.

The increase in burglary incidents during this period is not ending anytime soon. People go on vacations leaving their homes unattended. Despite all the warnings about keeping travel itineraries secret, they regularly post on their social media handles. Furthermore, these thieves attack houses with poor security systems. They like old security set up because their identities can be concealed.

Renters are Most Hit by Burglars

Data from the US Bureau of Justice Statistics about burglaries shows that renters are the most hit. Perhaps renters are careless about their security or they often give their keys to friends and family. Also, some renters care less about upgrading the security system of their apartments.

On the other hand, homeowners seem to be more serious about security. If you rented an apartment, ensure you rekey the locks immediately after moving in. Because it is somewhat impossible tracking your keys. You may never know who had access to your spare key from the old tenants.

Let’s Help Protect Your Home from Burglary

Your outdated locks may be the reason for the burglary attack! As we stated earlier, these thieves like homes with poor security networks. So, let us help upgrade your locks and install alarm systems and CCTV cameras to keep thieves at bay.

At Mark The Locksmith, we have dedicated locksmiths ready to optimize your security. Give us a call and experience the difference.