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Mobile Locksmith
Mobile Locksmith

Mark The Locksmith offers trusted mobile locksmith services for customers in Augusta, GA and all nearby towns.

Local Locksmith
Locally Owned

Mark The Locksmith is locally owned & operated locksmith services company location in Augusta, GA.

Emergency Locksmith
Emergency Locksmith

We offer 24-Hour emergency residential, automotive & commercial locksmith services in the area.


Lexy Hawkins

Mark The Locksmith has fast and reliable service. The locksmith technician came out and worked on unlocking my car within…

Lisa Whitehead

My girls had locked the car and we were at QT with no phone so someone googled and this locksmith…



Do You Provide Assistance with Keyless Entry Lock Systems?

Most locksmiths will be able to assist with keyless entry lock systems. Keyless entry locks are becoming increasingly popular, so many locksmiths are now trained in how to install and repair them. If you're having trouble with your keyless entry system, a locksmith can help you troubleshoot the issue and get it working correctly again.

Can You Cut a Key for an Old Lock?

In most cases, the answer is yes. While some extremely vintage locks may require the skills of an antique specialist, the majority of key blanks can be cut to fit your average older lock models.

Can You Help with My Car Keys?

Absolutely. Our auto locksmiths can help with a wide range of car key issues. For example, if the keys are locked inside the car, we can pick the lock to get the keys out. If the keys are lost or stolen, then our team can provide you with a new set quickly. We also offer key fob programming for car keys that have been damaged or stopped working correctly.

Do You Offer Master Key System Creation?

We sure do. Master Key systems are designed to provide controlled and limited access to multiple users. They are very useful for businesses and landlords. Locksmiths can help you choose the right system for your needs, and can ensure that it is correctly installed and maintained.

What Is a Restricted Key?

A restricted key is a type of key that can only be copied with permission from the owner of the lock. If you lose your restricted key, you'll need permission from the lock owner before a qualified locksmith can make a copy of the key. While this may seem like an inconvenience, it's actually a security measure designed to keep your home, business, or car safe. If someone finds your lost key and tries to make a copy without permission, they won't be able to do so.

What Should I Do If I Get Locked Out?

Breaking into your own property can cause unnecessary damage and lead to costly repairs. It can also lead to injuries, especially if you're attempting to break glass or crawl through a window. A locksmith will have all the right equipment needed to get you back inside safely. So if you find yourself locked out, give a locksmith a call - it'll be much cheaper and easier in the long run!

Can You Cut a Key from a Number?

Yes, a locksmith can cut a key from a number. Many locksmiths keep templates of certain popular keys on hand so they can easily reproduce them if necessary. Cutting a key from a number is known as duplication or keying from code.

Are You Searching for a Reliable Local Locksmith?

If you need help with your locks or keys, then call Mark the Locksmith. We offer quality, dependable services for homeowners, businesses, and drivers. Contact our team for more details about our offerings or to schedule a time to meet with a locksmith in your area.