9 Ways to Improve Front Door Security

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9 Ways to Improve Front Door Security

The front and back doors are the main targets of burglars and criminals. From available home invasion stats, about 34% of burglars enter through the front door. More so, home burglaries happen every 30 seconds and account for an average loss valued at $2,661.

These stats are alarming! It should be a great concern to home and business owners. Everyone needs to improve their game when it comes to securing their front doors. In this article, we have suggested tested and trusted ways to improve your front door security.

Upgrade Your Locks

Door locks are a critical component of every security system. Surprisingly, they are neglected during home improvement projects.

If you have not updated your locks for many years, they may be dysfunctional due to wear and tear. Some of the components will become weak and their resistance to forceful entry will reduce.

Ensure you have an ANSI grade 1 lock on your front door. They are strong, and sturdy, and provide more resistance to forceful entry.

Close Your Door Always

This is an obvious duty! After all, who can leave their house without closing the doors? But many leave doors open when running late for work, school, or other appointments. Illegal penetration into your home can be done when your entryways are open.

Reinforce Your Front Door

Upgrading your lock is a waste of time and resources if your doors are weak. ANSI Grade 1 locks should not be installed on flush doors. Install quality doors and reinforce the frame and hinges. With an efficient door and burglar-proof lock, you can rest easy that your home is secured to an extent.

Affix a Horizontal Security Bar

Secure the entire width of your door by installing horizontal door security bars. This is recommended in areas where the crime rate is high. Horizontal security bars will help prevent forceful entry. We recommend you do this if you need to make your home more secure.

Secure Your Windows and Install Bars Over the Glass Door

Burglars can open deadbolt locks from the inside, especially when the windows are closed. Also, it is easier to open most glass doors from the inside. All the criminals need is a long stick or metal to open your door through the window. So you have to secure your windows with aluminum or steel protectors.

Mount a Peephole

Fixing a peephole is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to identify your visitor. It is still in vogue even after the invention of video doorbells. You can view who is at the door and decide whether to open it or not.

Rekey Your Locks

Key duplication is one of the ways burglars enter your premises without being noticed. You may never know a friend, employee, or coworker that can compromise the security of your home or office. Therefore, if you are using mechanical keys, endeavor to rekey the locks after a while.

Install Video Doorbell or Security Cameras

If the CCTV in the building is not capturing your front door, then consider installing one. Having a camera focused on your front door scares burglars. They are comfortable when all their operations are concealed. Doorbell cameras can also serve the same purpose.

Go for Keyless Locks

Added security and convenience should be the priority of every home or business owner. To enjoy easy access to your home and have control over your security, consider installing keyless entry locks.

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