4 Tips to Prevent Retail Store Burglaries

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4 Tips to Prevent Retail Store Burglaries

Business owners are well aware that burglary and theft, including the possibility of employee involvement, can significantly impact their bottom line.

More so, retail stores have consistently been attractive targets for theft even with the contribution of commercial locksmiths. This is because these establishments possess two highly sought-after commodities for thieves: valuable merchandise and cash.

Despite a complete security assurance being impossible, you can take measures to mitigate the results of probable theft or burglary of your assets. Proper handling of the situation depends on taking some of the recommended precautions.

Here are four tips to help prevent burglaries in your retail store:

Upgrade Your Security System

Your retail store may already have security cameras, but most stores can benefit from a security system upgrade. Make sure surveillance cameras are strategically positioned throughout the store, covering all entrances and exits for thorough monitoring.

It is good to have a trained CCTV operator or security officer overseeing the footage. Their role is to vigilantly watch for any suspicious activity and take immediate action if a burglary occurs. To ensure the highest quality and most reliable footage, a commercial locksmith can help equip your store with the latest technology available.

Adequate Lighting

Well-illuminated premises act as a strong hindrance to burglars. Ensure that the exterior of your retail store, including parking lots and entrances, is well-lit - both during business hours and at night time. Motion-activated lights, particularly effective during off-hours, can prevent trespassers effectively.

Sufficient lighting not only discourages criminal activity but also strengthens the safety of both your customers and employees.

Employee Training

All staff members need in-depth knowledge about scam identification, such as price switching and false returns. They should also be well-versed in standard anti-theft protocols, including the rules regarding bag sizes allowed in your store.

However, employee training should encompass more than just recognizing theft tactics. It should also cover how to handle burglars once they're inside the store. This includes knowing how to carefully alert other staff members and management about burglars, perhaps through a predefined "code" or announcement. Staff should also be aware of the right time to involve law enforcement and security personnel.

Invest in High-Quality Locks

The desirable defense against burglaries is a robust line of defense: high-quality locks. A skilled locksmith will aid you in choosing the ideal lock that will fit your security needs. Consider the following upgrades:

  • Deadbolt Locks

For added security, install deadbolts on all exterior doors. The additional security features of these locks surpass those of standard spring-latch locks. Allowing a dependable locksmith to lead the way, the installation will be completed successfully.

  • Keyless Entry

Discover systems granting exclusive codes for employees. This feature aids in managing and monitoring entry into your store efficiently.

  • Master Key System

Create a master key system for restricted areas, and implement it within your store. The authorization requirement protects restricted areas from unauthorized visitors.

Get help from a Professional

In the unfortunate event of a burglary, Mark the Locksmith is here to assist you. Our affordable commercial locksmith is always prepared for situations like these.

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